Show you the difference between softwood and hardwood

Hardwood refers to the wood with a fine and hard texture. It is often used to make high-value wood products. Hardwoods are mostly from deciduous fine-leaved trees, including oak, mahogany, birch, red oak, hard maple, red poplar, beech, boxwood, etc. Usually, the price is higher, but the quality is better than softwood, its color and texture change more.

Softwood refers to coniferous wood, the wood produced by the trees of the pine and cypress phylum, including pine, spruce, cedar, fir, larch, Douglas fir, hemlock, cypress, California redwood and yew, etc. As the name indicates, because its texture is relatively soft compared with hardwood, it is also known as softwood, to distinguish it from hardwood. However, not all hardwoods are harder than softwood. For example, yew is a kind of longleaf pine, but it is harder than most hardwoods, and the light wood belonging to hardwood is very light and soft.

Difference between softwood and hardwood:

  • Structure

The biggest difference between cork and hardwood is reflected in the internal structure of the two kinds of wood. Generally, cork is composed of many flat cells, and the cells are filled with air, so that the growing cork presents a very soft state. It is this point that makes the cork filled with beautiful colors; Compared with cork, hardwood is very hard and compact, and with the growth of trees over time, the trees will leave beautiful patterns of rings.

  • Hardwood is not hard and cork is not soft

Although hardwood is very hard, it does not mean that all hardwoods are very hard. The hardness difference of hardwood is very large, and some wood is softer than cork; And cork is not what we imagine “blowing can be broken”, many cork can still be made into the things we need in our daily life, such as cork shoes, cork mobile phone case, cork crafts and so on.

  • Price

Compared with softwood, the price of hardwood is higher. Because many hardwoods are precious trees, and the trees are rare and they are excellent materials for making furniture, the market price of hardwood is relatively high, and the variety of cork is more common, and the price is cheaper than hardwood.

  • Beauty and practicability

The hardwood is hard and beautiful, and the furniture made is more exquisite, durable and practical, while the cork furniture is soft, and its durability is relatively poor in hardwood.

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