What do you know about the advantages of planetary thread rolling dies?

Thread is one of the common geometric features in mechanical engineering, and it is widely used. Some wire nail factories and screw factories can also see their application. There are many thread processing technologies, such as thread rolling and thread rubbing based on plastic deformation, turning, milling, tapping and threading, thread grinding, etc. 

Today we’re going to talk about the advantages applied to planetary thread rolling dies.

The Advantages of Planetary Thread Rolling Dies

  • More smooth surface finish – The surface roughness is smaller than that of turning, milling and grinding.
  • High quality – The strength and hardness of the rolled thread surface can be improved due to cold work hardening.
  • Reduce cost – The utilization rate of materials is high.
  • High productivity – The productivity is twice as much as that of cutting, and it is easy to realize automation.
  • Long tool life – Rolling dies have a long life.

However, the thread rolling dies also have limited and high demands.

The Disadvantage of Planerary Thread Rolling Dies

  • The rolling thread requires that the hardness of the workpiece material should not exceed hrc40.
  • The accuracy of the blank size is required to be higher.
  • The precision and hardness of the rolling die are also high, so it is difficult to manufacture the die.
  • It is not suitable for rolling the thread with asymmetric tooth shape.

If you know anything else about the planetary thread rolling dies or thread rolling machines, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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