How to Choose the Diameter of the Carbide Saw Blade?

Some customers are confused about the choice of diameter and aperture when purchasing carbide circular saw blades. Our, as the manufacturer of tungsten carbide solid saw blades and TCT saw blades, has come to answer for you. In fact, the diameter of the carbide saw blade is related to the sawing equipment used and the thickness of the sewing workpiece.


The influence of the diameter of the carbide saw blade

  • When the diameter of the saw blade is small, the cutting speed is relatively low
  • When the diameter of the saw blade is large, the requirements for saw blade and sawing equipment are higher, and the sawing efficiency is also higher.

Generally, it is necessary to select the saw blade with the same diameter according to different circular saw machine models. The diameter of standard parts of cemented carbide saw blade are 110mm (4 inches), 150 mm (6 inches), 180 mm (7 inches), 200 mm (8 inches), 230 mm (9 inches), 250 mm (10 inches), 300 mm (12 inches), 350 mm (14 inches), 400 mm (16 inches), 450 mm (18 inches), 500 mm (20 inches), etc.


The aperture of carbide saw blade is mainly determined according to the requirements of the equipment. However, in order to maintain the stability of the saw blade, it is better to select the equipment with a larger aperture when the blade is more than 250mm.

At present, the diameter of the standard saw blade designed in China is mainly 20 mm for the diameter of 120 mm or less, 25.4 mm for the diameter range of 120-230 mm, and 30 mm for the diameter above 250 mm. Some imported equipment also has a diameter of 15.875mm. In addition, the mechanical aperture of multi-blade saw is relatively complex, and the keyway is often set to ensure stability.

However, no matter the size of the hole, it can be transformed by a lathe or wire cutting machine. The lathe can turn the cushion ring into a large hole diameter, and the wire cutting machine can enlarge the hole to meet the requirements of the equipment. Our also supports carbide product customized services. We can customize the required diameter, aperture, number of teeth, etc. according to the requirements of the customer’s sawing equipment and workpiece.

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