Should We Change Straight Cutterhead to Spiral for Electric Hand Planer?

Nowadays, it has become a trend to replace spiral cutter heads for wood planers, and woodworking enthusiasts choose to replace HSS straight cutter heads with spiral cutter heads. The portable electric hand planer, as one of the important tools for woodworking planing and hot item on the market, is it necessary to replace the straight blade with a spiral blade?

The answer is yes.

Let me explain the reasons in detail below. If you don’t replace it, you will be out.

Many people think that woodworking portable electric planers are not suitable for fine woodworking. Is this really the case? No! It’s just that the right tool is not selected. It’s just that the right tool has not been selected. Most of the portable electric planers on the market use HSS straight blades, so they are not suitable for fine woodworking.

Straight blades and cutting edges enter and leave the cutting at the same time during processing. It is a whole piece cutting. The cutting process is intermittent, and the load is large and sometimes small. In summary, there are the following shortcomings.

  • Impact on product processing quality

Intermittent cutting causes ripples on the surface of the processed wood, which affects the surface finish and shape accuracy. The main flatness accuracy is low, the surface is rough, and the processing quality is poor.

  • Impact on equipment

Intermittent cutting causes frequent changes in the size of the load and impact force, which causes the workpiece and equipment to be processed to vibrate, which not only damages the equipment, but also affects its life.

  • The impact on the tool

Intermittent cutting has impact force, which makes the blade and cutting edge easy to wear.

  • Impact on productivity

Intermittent cutting has an impact force, and it is not easy to smooth the surface of the product, thus reducing the production efficiency.

  • Not good for safety

The intermittent cutting load is large and sometimes small, so that the planer produces severe vibration and the workpiece also vibrates. In this way, workpieces are sometimes abolished, which poses a great threat to the safety of operators.

Improvement Measures

The straight blade is replaced with a spiral cutter head, that is, the whole chip cutting is changed to a segmented cutting, and the reversible blades are reasonably and evenly arranged around the spiral cutter body to form a smaller cutting surface. The planing points are evenly distributed to each processing blade for independent cutting.

The spiral cutter head has amazing features

  • High efficiency, lower cutting resistance, reduced vibration, easier chip removal and smoother cutting.
  • High-precision, disposable blades overcome the ripples on the wood surface and improve the quality of planing processing.
  • Low noise, segmented cutting makes the contact area between the blade face and the processed wood surface small per unit time, and the noise is reduced by 30-50db.
  • Low cost, the service life of the discarded spiral cutter head is 5-10 times that of the traditional HSS flat blade, and the repair time and frequency are reduced, so the economic benefit is improved.

Where can I buy a suitable spiral cutter head?

Zhuzhou Our, as a professional manufacturer of woodworking spiral cutter heads, their spiral cutter heads are deeply loved and praised by woodworking enthusiasts. Our spiral cutter heads are compatible with many electric handheld planers with working widths of 82mm, 90mm, 110mm in the market, such as MAKITA, BOSCH, WORX, WEN, BODA, DONGCHENG, HITACHI, GOMEZ and more.

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