How can the heavy-duty spiral cutter adapt to all kinds of wood?

  • First, we would like to introduce the Structural composition of heavy-duty spiral cutter shaft

The figure shows the finished picture of the heavy-duty spiral cutter shaft, which includes 9 parts: shaft head, journal, collar, cutter shaft, reversible carbide knives, spiral groove, chip removal groove, pressure block, and screw.

Compared with the light-duty spiral cutter shaft, the heavy-duty spiral cutter shaft uses the pressure block and the screw to lock the disposable blade, which makes the blade clamping more stable, and the tool can carry a thicker cutting amount.
Number of teeth (number of turns): 4 teeth, 6 teeth, 8 teeth, 9 teeth, 12 teeth

  • Second, the material of Heavy duty spiral cutter shaft

Tool body: Use high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy tool steel, with good machinability, high tool structure strength, good cutting stability, and extended tool life.
Cutting edge material: Imported reversible woodworking blades, cutting edge alloy specification of 30×12×1.5, assembly method without high-temperature welding, ensuring that the hardness of each blade is above HRA92.5 degrees, and the wear resistance is good. High impact resistance, high heat resistance, sharp cutting edge, can adapt to the plane processing of various wood and furniture, the processing surface is smooth and clean, which greatly improves the service life and processing quality of the tool. When the blade is passivated, the factory operator disassembles the blade by himself and replaces the blade/knives, which is simple to operate and saves investment costs.

  • Third, application of heavy duty spiral cutter shaft

Equipment used: press planer, woodworking planer, dough planer, four-sided planer, sand planer, etc.
Processing depth: processing depth from 0.1 mm to 15 mm.

Application features:

  • Spiral cutter shaft surface, to ensure that the wood is not rainy and not cumbersome.
  • Segment cutting,sawdust is extremely small, which is good for adsorption and chip removal
  • Segment cutting,Very low noise, more stable machine
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