Do You Know Welding Quality Problems Between Carbide and Steel?

Manufacturers of woodworking cutting tools know that, the base material welded with cemented carbide is generally carbon steel, and the (thermal) expansion coefficient of cemented carbide wire is generally about 1/2 of that of steel, and the thermal conductivity of cemented carbide is low, so the following problems are likely to occur during welding:

  • Welding cracks

Since the linear (thermal) expansion coefficient of cemented carbide is small, steel is 2-3 times larger than the carbide. it will produce different shrinkage in steel and cemented carbide. After the cemented carbide and the steel substrate cannot be cooled and contracted synchronously after welding after reaching room temperature, large stress will be formed in the weld area, resulting in deformation, cracking, or weld cracking and hardening of the cemented carbide.

In addition, cemented carbide will be violently oxidized at 950°C-1100°C, and the oxide film forming brittle carbides will leave many voids, thereby reducing the mechanical properties of cemented carbide tools. Therefore, during the welding process, the oxidation of the welding area must be avoided.

  • Embrittlement of the weld zone

The brazing metal component diffuses into the liquid solder in the weld area, which causes the surface structure of the brazing metal to change or even dissolve, which leads to embrittlement of the weld zone and low bending strength of the joint.

  • Welding produces low-density defects

This mainly occurs in the brazing seam. When the heating temperature is too high and the heating temperature is too fast, it will cause the oxidation of the brazing seam and the serious burning of the solder composition; while the heating temperature is too low or the heating is uneven, the fluidity of the solder is not good, forming a virtual weld, and the welding seam. There are a lot of pores and slag inclusions, and even severely reduce the weld strength.

Have you encountered the above problem? How did you solve it?

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