ZCCCT original discount price CNC indexable inserts APMT160408PDER YBG202


Product nameCarbide inserts/milling inserts/tungsten inserts/CNC cutting inserts

Model:APMT160408PDER YBG202

WorkpieceFor steel, stainless steel

CoatingPVD CVD

ApplicationRough/semi-finishing processing

Tool holdersEMP01-012/016/020/025-G16/G20-AP11/16-01/02/03/04/05/06


UsageCNC cutting machine/Lathe machine


OriginalWe promise you: All of our CNC cutting tools are 100% original.

ZCCCT original discount price CNC indexable inserts APMT160408PDER YBG202 Details

Application :

This ZCCCT carbide inserts APMT160408PDER YBG202 is for steel and stainless steel and rough/semi-finishing processing and has high wear resistance.

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Explore the epitome of cutting-edge machining technology with ZCCCT Inserts, meticulously engineered for unparalleled precision and performance. Our comprehensive range of inserts encompasses a diverse array of cutting applications, including turning, milling, drilling, and threading. Crafted from premium-grade carbide materials and coated with advanced coatings, ZCCCT Inserts deliver exceptional wear resistance, extended tool life, and superior chip control. Whether you're machining steels, stainless steels, cast irons, or exotic alloys, ZCCCT Inserts ensure optimal cutting efficiency and surface finish quality, enabling you to achieve remarkable productivity gains and cost savings.

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