What inserts have become the standard knife for woodworking machinery in Europe and the United States?

Answer: Imported Ultra-slim Tungsten Alloy Disposable Woodworking Spiral Blade

The advantages: Germany imported ultra-fine particle cemented carbide, a big brand, high toughness, durability and high strength. The product has undergone more than ten processes, worker self-inspection, inspection, and chip inspection before leaving the factory to ensure ultra-high precision level to ensure that the workpiece is as fine as Mirror to avoid tearing and cutting.

Can be used for: woodworking double-sided planer, four-sided planer, vertical axis machine, profiling machine

Applicable materials: solid wood, plywood, dense version, acrylic

Advantages of this product:

The cutting process of woodworking tools is an extremely complex process. In the high-speed cutting process, the processed wood is deformed due to its own properties (wood fiber, annual ring direction, wood type, moisture content, temperature, etc.), tool characteristics (angle, Sharpness) and cutting parameters (depth of cut, cutting speed, feed rate) and other factors.

Traditional flat knife (alloy knife, forming knife) has the following problems in the use of the knife, which troubles the majority of manufacturers.

  • Blade burn marks: When the blade is worn or the feeding is temporarily stopped, the burnt marks will be produced on the cutting surface due to the cutting heat.
  • Tool passivation and stability: When the tool is cutting, the part of the tooth that is in contact with the cutting and the workpiece generates heat. At the same time, the heat of the tooth tip spreads the heat to the entire cutting edge and the tool body in the form of heat transfer, and then to The surrounding environment radiates heat. The increase in tool temperature will increase the temperature of the cutting edge, increase the speed of tool passivation, and the uneven temperature distribution of the tool body will make the tool lose stability.
  • Tear-prone cutting: Because the wood being processed is hard, when trying a flat knife for cutting, because of the large area of ​​the hand per unit time, it is easy to form cutting deformation and chaos, so the cutting surface cannot be smooth and flat. Effect. Especially when the planer is processing large flat panels, if it is reverse stubble cutting, the surface of the wood will generally be torn. If you change the spiral abandonment type cutter shaft, the large flat surface will be smooth and will not be awkward. This is also the biggest advantage of the spiral cutter body.
  • Difficult chip removal: the sawdust cut by the flat knife is relatively large, and the central dust collection system cannot eliminate the excessively large sawdust, resulting in the thicker sawdust affecting the processing quality.

Looking at the shortcomings of the flat knife, choosing the abandoned spiral cutter head can significantly improve the shortcomings of the flat knife. The design of the throw-away cutter head has become the standard tool for woodworking machinery in Europe and America. The convenience and practicality of the cutter are designed to be a perfect and exquisite cutting tool.

Advantages over ordinary alloy knives:

  • Spiral blade surface: The high-precision design and manufacturing technology arranges the discarded blades reasonably around the blade body to form a smaller cutting surface per unit time to improve the burn marks and chaos of the blade.
  • Fast heat dissipation: part of the cutter body adopts 7 series aerospace grade aluminum alloy cutter body, which not only improves the heat dissipation speed, but also improves the stability of the cutter and the structural strength of the cutter body, thereby increasing the service life of the cutter body .
  • Disposable blades: The assembly method without high temperature welding ensures the original hardness of each blade and greatly improves the service life of the tool. When the blade is passivated, the factory operator disassembles the blade by himself, which is simple to operate and save time.
  • Long service life: The service life of the aluminum alloy cutter body is 1-2 times longer than that of the general flat-blade knife, and the service life is as long as 3-4 times in the double-sided planer and the four-sided planer.
  • Sawdust is very small: cutting in a spiral manner per unit time, the formed sawdust is very small, and it is easy to remove the sawdust from the surface of the processed wood in the Sino-British dust collection system.
  • Low noise: The noise value generated by contacting the wood surface and the flat knife in the same time when the wood surface is in contact with the wood surface in a unit time is reduced by about 30 to 50dB.
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