What Are the Demands of Professional Buyers for HSS Roller Inspection?

High-speed steel (HSS) can withstand higher temperatures without losing its temper (hardness). This property allows HSS to cut faster than high carbon steel, hence the name high-speed steel. At room temperature, in their generally recommended heat treatment, HSS grades generally display high hardness (above Rockwell hardness 60) and abrasion resistance (generally linked to tungsten and vanadium content often used in HSS) compared with common carbon and tool steels.

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Based on these characteristics of HSS, more steel manufacturers tend to buy HSS rollers. Compared with traditional tungsten carbide rollers, HSS rollers are more cost-effective. HSS rollers are bound to replace tungsten carbide rollers for a long time in the future and become the main rollers that can roll steel bars with a diameter of 8mm or above. Many large steel manufacturers even choose HSS rollers on the Kocks unit.

Manufacturers of HSS rollers will conduct a series of professional inspections before shipment to meet customer needs. Videos must be taken and saved during the inspection process. So what are the requirements of professional buyers for the inspection of HSS rollers?

Dimension and Tolerance Measurement

The dimensions and tolerances are inspected with micrometers, vernier calipers, cutting templates, and modules. We will carry out full-scale inspections according to the requirements of the drawings. 30% of rollers will be randomly inspected on site, all within the tolerance range, and the videos of measuring dimensions and tolerances must be kept.

Hardness Measurement

The hardness of each roller surface is tested by a special type of roller hardness tester at three points in the horizontal and vertical directions. And we will spot check 30% of the rollers on site. The measured value of the Leeb rebound hardness test is converted to Shore hardness test, which must be achieved the required hardness. The process of hardness measurement also requires to record and save videos.

Organizational Structure Measurement

For metallographic inspection, the roller surface is polished at one point. After corrosion and cleaning with alcohol and nitric acid solution, the metallographic microscope is used to observe the metallographic structure at 100 times, 200 times, and 400 times. We will spot check the two sets of rollers on site for metallographic inspection, The videos of the measurement process and the metallographic structure must be saved.

Flaw Detection

It is tested by a full-digital ultrasonic flaw detector to perform full flaw detection on the roller surface. We will spot-check 30% of rollers on the site, the flaw detection video also needs to be kept.

About Packaging

  • The rollers will be fixed on steel frame, which is made according to the export packaging standard. And the roller surface is wrapped with a foam layer and a plastic film layer.
  • Our can provide marking and engraving services according to customer needs, and the customer needs to provide the content of the shipping mark and the content of the certificate in order to complete the packaging work.

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