Original Kyocera japan WNMG turning blade WNMG080408HQ CA5525

Original Kyocera japan WNMG turning blade WNMG080408HQ CA5525 Details

Features of Kyocera turning blade :

1.Original Kyocera brand from Japan.
2.Kyocera turning blade is suitable for machining steel
3.Kyocera turning blade has a wide range of products for cutting,milling and threading.
4.Stability and security of Kyocera turning blade is in productive turning.
5.KYOCERA are ISO O & ANSI application area.
6.We have a large stock of Kyocera turning blade in our storehouse and welcome your order.

Specifications of Kyocera turning blade :

Brand Name :Kyocera
Place of Origin: Japan
Model Number: WNMG080408HQ CA5525
Material :Tungsten carbide
Color: gray
Packaging:Standard carton box
Application :internal and external turning tool

Advantages of Kyocera turning blade :

1.Kyocera turning blade is of good wear resaretance,high bending strength,strong bonding resaretance, excellent heat resaretance,impact toughness and high hardness.
2.Kyocera turning blade has long service life and easy to assembly, no crack or chipping
3.Specification and accuracy of Kyocera turning blade is fully compliance with areO standard.
Packaging & Shipping of Kyocera turning blade :
• Standard carton box protects Kyocera turning blade perfectly
• TNT, DHL, Fedex, EMS, UPS Delivery
• About 2 weeks after we received your payment

Our services of Kyocera turning blade :

1. We will try our best to reply our customers’ requests within 24 hours.
2. We will maintain effective and efficient communications with our customers.
3. We provide first-class quality control and after-sale services.
4. The products are all 100% original, and we are willing to give you our best prices.
5. We will try our best to guarantee the prompt delivery

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Original Kyocera japan WNMG turning blade WNMG080408HQ CA5525 - All Inserts Brands

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