What are the straightening skills of straightening dies?

Hot rolled steel bars for construction are divided into round and straight bars. The steel bars with diameter less than 12mm are generally made into circles for easy transportation. In order to achieve the purpose of straightening, the round steel bar should be laid out and cold drawn before blanking. Steel bars with a diameter of more than 12 mm are generally rolled into 6-12m long straight bars. Because in the transportation process, after several loading and unloading, the straight bar reinforcement will cause local bending. Therefore, it should be straightened before use, so how to straighten the steel bar? Let’s take a look~

Straightening method of steel bar straightening machine:

  • Mechanical straightening of thick reinforcement.

At present, the thick steel bars are generally made by hand. Where conditions permit, large tonnage cold drawing equipment can be used. If the winch straightening method can not only reduce the labor intensity, but also improve the strength and length of steel bar after cold drawing and save steel. However, before cold drawing, it is necessary to weld the steel bar and straighten the large bending manually, so it is rarely used.

In the case of no cold drawing equipment, flat hammer can also be used. Such as belt hammer, spring hammer, etc., but before straightening, it is necessary to straighten the large bending of steel bar on the iron plate of pulling column by manual method. Then hammer the small bends one by one on the straight hammer. This kind of flat hammer uses the motor to change the speed through the belt pulley to drive the eccentric wheel to rotate, so that the flat hammer can move up and down. The steel bar is placed on the hammer pier and straightened under the impact of hammer.

  • Fine steel bar mechanical straightening.

Grade 1 round steel bars are generally straightened by winch. By using the winch to straighten the steel bar, an automatic production line with high degree of mechanization can be established. For example, continuous operation of steel bar hanging plate, opening plate, straightening, cutting and other processes can reduce operators, improve labor production efficiency, and make straightening, rust removal, cutting three processes combined to complete. Therefore, it has been widely used in steel processing.

The operation procedure of straightening steel bar with winch is as follows: one end of the round steel bar installed on the bogie is clamped into the clamp of the electric traction car on the horse frame, and the traction car is started. When the traction trolley moves to the limit switch at the end of the horse frame, the traction is stopped, the reinforcement is cut off, and both ends of the reinforcement are clamped into the ground anchor clamp and the tension trolley clamp respectively. Then start the winch to straighten the steel bar and control the tensile rate within 1%. The straightening machine can also be used to straighten grade I round steel bars with a diameter of 6-9 mm.

In front of the straightening machine, a block wheel device is added, and the roller is driven by the motor to draw the steel bar forcefully, and then it is connected to the straightening machine for processing. In this way, the four processes of cold drawing, rust removal, straightening and cutting are linked, and the labor productivity is improved.

  • Mechanical straightening of steel wire.

Cold drawn low carbon steel wire with a diameter less than 5.5mm is processed by straightening machine. The three processes of rust removal, straightening, and cutting can be completed at one time by using a straightening machine to process cold drawn steel wire. The straightening machine is composed of frame, straightening device, traction device, cutting device, fixed-length mechanism, material receiving support, and electric drive mechanism. Its working principle is: one end of the steel wire placed on the disc rack passes through the straightening cylinder driven by the motor. Five groups of carbide straightening dies are installed in the cylinder, and the central hole of three groups of straightening dies deviates from the rotating axis of the straightening cylinder. When the steel wire passes through the rotating straightening cylinder, it is straightened by bending in different directions. The traction roller and gear cutter are driven by another motor, and the traction roller pulls the steel wire through the notch in the gear cutter. When its end touches the limit switch on the receiving bracket, the clutch circuit is connected to make the gear cutter rotate 120 degrees, and the cut steel wire falls into the bracket. The limit switch on the receiving bracket can be adjusted to the corresponding position according to the blanking length.

The actual cutting length error of gear cutter cutting device of straightening machine is large. If an electronic controller is installed on the straightening machine to cut off the steel wire according to the given length and show the number of cut wires at any time, this kind of straightening machine is called CNC electronic straightening and cutting machine.

The electronic straightening and cutting machine is suitable for the straightening and cutting of cold drawn steel wire. It requires that the surface of the steel wire is smooth and the cross section is uniform, so as to avoid the uneven moving speed of the steel wire and affect the accuracy of the cutting length. When the cutting length is less than 4000 mm, the error is only 1-2 mm. It can be directly used in the reinforcement of components without the second cutting off, so as to reduce the material consumption and save the process.

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