What end mill can use for HRC60 quenched materials?

In the field of mold manufacturing, hard materials are widely used. Since they have high hardness of HRC55-65, there usually not take traditional cutting methods, considering the low working efficiency and costly production.

The features of high speed milling.

High-speed milling technology provides a new solution for HRC60 quenched materials machining. Its advantages are as follows:

  • High efficiency and low production cost.
  • Good quality processed surface and high processing accuracy.
  • Small environmental pollution .
  • Suitable for processing thin-walled fine parts.

How to choose the correct milling cutters for milling mold?

After quenched, the mold hardness is high and difficult to process. How to choose the correct milling cutters is the key. High-speed milling requires tools with high hardness and wear resistance, it also requires good toughness to withstand large impact loads. In addition, the tool should also have high thermal stability, excellent chemical stability and good thermal conductivity. According to above aspects, you can choose CBN, PCBN, cermet, ceramic, ultra-fine grain cemented carbide tools.

What should you do during using cemented carbide tools?

About coated carbide end mill, it must ensure the coating can be firmly combined with the substrate without falling off or oxidizing deterioration. This tool should have better toughness (such as cemented carbide or high-speed steel). And those end mills with ultra-fine grained cemented carbide are current economically feasible tools.

The milling consumption depends on two factors: one is the workpiece material machinability and another is tool’s wear resistance.

In general, when milling the quenched materials, you can set milling speed range into 90-250m/min, feed rate at 0.05-0.35mm/r, and the back-cutting amount of 0.1-0.4mm.

Certainly, for the cutting amount, it is better to consider the machining efficiency and accuracy, as well as the tool’s life, so that it can achieve the best economic benefits.

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