Why Should We Update the Spiral Cutter Head?

Traditional ordinary tools (such as flat cutter heads) have poor heat dissipation efficiency during use, and the woodworking tools are easy to wear and deform, resulting in poor wood processing results. With the progress of the times, a more efficient cutting tool appeared-spiral cutter head. The emergence of the spiral cutter head quickly gained the favor of the industry, and gradually replaced the ordinary planer to occupy the woodworking machinery market.

What is so special about the helical cutterhead?

Straight VS Spiral Cutter Heads

Compared with the traditional straight planer cutter head, the spiral cutter head has the following four advantages:

  • Energy-saving and power saving, reducing load, lower noise

During the cutting process, the friction force is obviously reduced, the cutting resistance is very small, and the effect of easy chip removal, lower noise, energy-saving and power-saving is achieved; the overall load of the machine is reduced, and the service life of the spiral cutterhead planer is greatly improved.

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs

The surface finish of the wood is improved, and the wood sanding process is reduced or eliminated. Thus, while improving the work efficiency, the processing cost is greatly reduced.

  • Increase wood processing output

Using high-quality helical planer blades, a single edge can be used for more than 2 months, which greatly increases the monthly wood processing output.

  • Improve the qualified product rate

When cutting, the wood will not be cracked, waste products are reduced, and the qualified product rate is increased.

  • Less sawdust

The cutting area per unit time is small, so the sawdust formed during cutting is very small to avoid sawdust jamming. The central dust collection system can easily absorb the sawdust, making the working environment tidier.

Our customer reviews for the spiral cutter head

In contrast, the use of spiral cutter heads is more convenient and faster, safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, low cutting resistance and long and durable. Compared with ordinary planers, it can easily solve undesirable phenomena such as tearing and ripples in wood processing.

It is simply a small cutting expert in the woodworking field.

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