Have you meet such problems when using woodworking cutting saw blade

From the daily processing point of view, the carbide tip of the single-blade saw blade itself is the most prone to damage. More serious, there will be direct breakage of saw blade serrations.

Taking the heat treatment processing of the saw blade base steel as an example, an unqualified heat treatment process will cause the uneven stress distribution of the saw blade itself, which in turn affects the running state of the saw blade.

Therefore, it has to be mentioned that the protection of the originality of the woodworking cutting saw blade plays a very important role in avoiding the deflection of the saw blade during use. It shows that it is very important to choose a reliable saw blade manufacturer to supply.

Especially for saw blades that need to be processed with materials that are very difficult to process, behind the high cost, the manufacturer must actually ensure that the saw blade is adjusted to the best condition before leaving the factory.

Of course, in the process of installing and using the woodworking circular saw blade, the flange accuracy of the sawing processing equipment and the installation method will affect the safe and stable operation of the saw blade.

Secondly, in the process of cutting the profile with the saw blade, no cooling measures are taken at all, and the saw blade is allowed to cut the profile dry. Perhaps, the saw blade will not have the problem of deflection at the beginning.

However, as the sawing time is extended, the temperature of the saw blade itself will gradually rise. At this time, if no measures are taken to properly lower the temperature of the saw blade itself, the emergence of the beating problem is inevitable.

Therefore, many profile processing enterprises, in order to effectively prevent the saw blade from swinging during work, often install micro-lubrication devices on the sawing equipment.

At this time, especially for those saw blades made of carbon tool steel, due to the properties of their own materials, the saw blade itself is very intolerant of high temperatures. The lack of necessary cooling and lubrication during use will inevitably cause the saw blade to jump.

From the perspective of the cost of cooling and lubrication measures, due to the excellent cooling performance of the micro-lubrication device, the consumption of oil can be reduced to 0.05 ml per second per drop. In this way, the consumption cost of oil products is greatly ensured.

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