What’s Included in the Complete Set of Nail Making Machines?

“What’s included in the complete set of nail making machines?” Have you ever had this question? Well, today Our will introduce you the complete set of nail making equipment in detail.

Simply put, the complete set of nail-making equipment includes a sharpening machine, a wire drawing machine, a nail-making machine, a polishing machine, and a knife sharpening machine.

The main purpose of the sharpening machine is to sharpen the head of steel rebars, just like our pencil sharpening, the effect of sharpening makes it easier to pass through the drawing machine.

The main purpose of the wire drawing machine is to draw the coiled steel bar through the wire drawing dies to the diameter required by the nail specification. First of all, let’s talk about the processing of nail-making raw materials: the raw materials used by the nail-making machine are commonly known as nail wires. The nail wires have various specifications. The simplest way to understand is that the diameter of the nail wire and the diameter of the nail shaft are the same thickness. Some customers directly buy the finished nail wire in order to save trouble, and some customers think it is more cost-effective to draw the nail wire by themselves, so the production of the nail wire depends on the wire drawing machine. The wire drawing machine is divided into many types, such as horizontal wire drawing machine, continuous wire drawing machine, scrap steel wire drawing machine and so on. These devices also need to be tailored to the needs of users, not to say that the most expensive is the most suitable.

Nail making machine is the main equipment for making nails, but it is also divided into many types. It does not mean that one nail making machine can produce all types of round nails. This requires the user to select the target and which nail-making machine to use. A simple example: Type Z94-3A, commonly known as Type 713, can produce nails of any length between 3 cm and 8 cm, but if you want to produce 9 cm, it can do nothing. You can only use a larger model. Nail machine.

The purpose of the polishing machine is to remove rust and polish the finished nails. The nails produced will have a certain degree of brightness, and can prevent moisture, rust, and corrosion.

The purpose of the sharpening machine is to sharpen the nail cutters of the nail making machine, because the nail cutters are easy to wear parts during the use of the nail making machine. Use the diamond grinding wheel on the sharpener to sharpen the carbide nail cutter to make it sharper, and it becomes very easy to handle the nail tip. Otherwise, the nail cutter must be replaced directly.

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