How Long is the Life of Wood Planer Spiral Cutter Head?

The types of planer cutter head are classified:

  • It can be classified according to the specifications of the blades used;
  • According to the function, the blade is commonly used as 14*14*2.0 15*15*2.5 30*12*1.5, which is divided into heavy duty cutting and light duty cutting shafts, the cutting amount of light cutting shafts depends on the blade specifications, but the cutting weight of heavy cutting is larger than that of light cutting. The difference between choosing heavy cutting and light cutting is here.

Tear-prone cutting

Because the processed wood is hard, when using a flat knife to cut, because of the large hand area per unit time, and the cutting deformation is easy to form, the cutting surface cannot achieve a smooth and flat effect. Especially when the press planer is processing large flat panels, if it is cutting against the cutting, the wood surface will generally be torn. If you change the spiral abandonment type cutter shaft to ensure that the large plane cut out is smooth and smooth.

Traditional flat-blade knives (alloy knives, forming knives) have the following problems during the use of the tools, which bother the majority of users:

  • Cutting edge burns: When the cutting edge is worn or the feed is temporarily stopped, the cutting heat is on the cutting surface. Burn marks on the surface.
  • Tool passivation and stability: When the tool is cutting, the part of the tooth that is in contact with the cutting and the workpiece generates heat. At the same time, the heat of the tooth tip diffuses the heat to the entire blade and the body in the form of heat transfer, and then to the surroundings The environmental radiation heat dissipation. The increase in tool temperature increases the temperature of the cutting edge, increases the speed of tool passivation, and the uneven temperature distribution of the tool body makes the tool lose stability.

These are the factors that affect the service life of the helical cutter head. You can pay attention to it during use!

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