How to install and maintain woodworking knives correctly?

At present, because labor is cheap in China, and the cost of installing and changing woodworking knives is not high, cemented carbide is still mainstream at present. Compared with other materials, this kind of material is already bulky and very common.

Therefore, the price of the finished woodworking knives is very low. But there are a few things to pay attention to for this kind of woodworking tool:

  •  This kind of knives can be made by everyone. The competition is fierce, and the price is already very low. For manufacturers, it is already a product with little added value. Manufacturers generally only consider how to reduce its cost in the manufacturing process, and cannot be too concerned about its accuracy. If the buyer keeps the price down, the manufacturer will have to continuously reduce the standard manufacturing process to respond. As a result, although they can buy at a low price, they can buy low-precision products, which may not be worthwhile.
  • Be diligent in changing and sharpening knives, and don’t be lazy. Since this type of tool is relatively non-wearing, we must be brave enough to accept its characteristics. Don’t be too lazy to use it hard. Not only does the paper look unsightly, but what’s worse is that you think you save the man-hours for changing the tool, but you are actually reducing the number of times the tool is used.

Be steadfast, buy more woodworking spare parts, and often replace old knives and sharpen them (just a little bit for the blunt ones, and a lot of them for the big ones, which is a waste). Even low-grade knives can be used. Very upscale.

As for the high-end PCD knives that everyone envy, because this material is not so commonly used in China, mainly because it is not easy to obtain materials at home, the price of the material itself is very expensive, and the tax on imported materials from abroad is too high, and most domestic users cannot accept.

So it is recommended:

  • Choose suitable steel, and don’t blindly believe in high-grade materials. When designating high file materials, pay attention to whether you can buy ordinary products at high file prices.
  • Knife manufacturers can only judge and recommend which material to use based on general conditions, but each piece of equipment is very different. If the tool is not in good condition, it is not necessary to change the supplier immediately. It is better to discuss with the tool manufacturer to try other materials. Changing suppliers may sometimes be wrong, but experienced manufacturers can reduce the number of trial and error.

Install the tool correctly

The installation of the tool has a great relationship with the use effect of the tool. In addition to the installation according to the instructions of the machine supplier, it is necessary to know the key points of the tool used to make adjustments. If the machine is 100% accurate, the tool is also 100% accurate.

Just pay attention to the cleaning of the tool holder and the tool during installation. There will be no impurities or dust that will affect its accuracy after installation, and then lock it. It must be true.

The problem is that usually all parts have tolerances, so according to different situations, some tools must pay special attention to its eccentricity, some must pay special attention to its parallelism, and some must pay attention to its straightness. From rough installation→coarse adjustment→slow-motion→fine adjustment→slow rotation→tightening→trial rotation, each step is done carefully and not sloppy.

In addition, the depth of the upper and lower blades, the fit, the size of the gap, etc. must not be light. In many cases, the worker who installs the knife thinks that the tighter the knife is, the better. As a result, the knife is wasted on mutual grinding instead of cutting.

Maintain the tools correctly

  • Knives are our tools for making money, and we should cherish them very much. But the knives of too many manufacturers are placed casually, not oiled, and not aligned. It is no wonder that many knives will bruise. It does not cost much to design the shelf well. On the one hand, it is neat and tidy, and more importantly, it is the habit of cultivating workers to cherish knives.
  • Diligent sharpening of knives not only maintains a good cutting surface, but also increases the number of times the knives are used. Although it will increase the cost of sharpening. But the increased use frequency will be more worthwhile.
  • Sharpening is not just about sharpening the edge of the knife, it is best to do a rectification work before grinding, especially for woodworking knives, it is better to level and then grind

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