CNC Turning Insert New Product: RD9218 New Grade for Steel Proccessing

For a long time, people have been pursuing CNC insert with better wear resistance and longer tool life. Most of foreign well-known CNC tools brands can meet this demand. Of course Chinese Metal cutting tools are not willing to lag behind.

In the past few months, most of our customers are obsessed with a new tungsten carbide grade: RD9218. One of the customers tested RD9218 with the old grade with only one coating, and the result is RD9218 can process 7.5 times compare to the old grades.

RD9218 is a brand-new CVD-coated insert grade. It adopts hydrogen peroxide gradient transition layer technology, crystal nucleus pre-planting coating technology and precise control technology of substrate microstructure to improve the insert line strength, wear resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance.The super-smooth Al2O3 coated rake face and double color marking improve chip evacuation and help the identification of wear at the same time, which is suitable for efficient processing of normal carbon steel, like the C45 steel, P20 steel…

Therefore, many people will ask if we make RD9218 grade for all of our turning inserts. The following are the turning blades that we currently have this new grades:


Turning tool inserts have many different carbide material, and different coating, so choosing a suitable grade for your metal working is very important. If you want to have any suggestions or recommendations about the grade choosing, please contact Our us freely.

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