2 straightening methods of NC steel bar straightening and cutting machine

As an excellent building material, reinforcement is widely used in the construction of tunnels, bridges, buildings, and other facilities. With the continuous advancement of the national industrialization process and the continuous development of infrastructure, the finished steel bar is required to have higher output and quality.

The production methods of steel bars are mainly divided into cold rolling and hot rolling. In order to facilitate transportation and prevent deformation, steel mills generally roll such steel bars into circular rings, and secondary processing such as straightening and shearing is required on the construction site. The traditional straightening method will certainly affect the weight deviation, dimension deviation, straightness, and mechanical properties of steel bars.

At present, with the expansion of construction projects, the amount of reinforcement is also increasing, the traditional straightening speed is slow, processing accuracy is poor, obviously can not meet the construction requirements; with the improvement of engineering quality standards, the traditional straightening quality can not meet the current construction standards.

In order to meet the demand and quality requirements of the current construction project, the numerical control steel bar straightening and cutting machine, which meets the steel bar straightening and cutting standard, has become a popular model. The numerical control steel bar straightening and cutting machine is composed of steel bar pay off frame, line management frame, straightening host and material receiving frame. According to the established task requirements, the equipment can automatically straighten, fix the length, shear and aggregate the wire rod reinforcement, and the whole process can be carried out with high speed and high production efficiency.

There are two kinds of internal straightening methods in straightening machine:

  • rotary hub straightening
  • parallel roller straightening

In rotary straightening, the straightening block is mostly installed in the straightening mechanism of the hub. Through high-speed rotation and staggered arrangement of straightening blocks, the wire rod is bent many times in the process of moving forward, and gradually tends to be straight. This straightening method straightens the steel bar with good straightness and fast speed, but it damages the surface of the steel bar. The straightening method is a parallel roll type roller straightening CNC steel bar straightening and cutting machine. The wire rod steel bar meshes through two rows of staggered multi-wheel press roll groups, which directly deforms the steel bar to be straightened, so as to achieve the purpose of straightening. Although the speed of this straightening method is slightly slower than that of rotary straightening equipment, the straightness of steel bar can meet the construction requirements, and this straightening method does not damage the steel bar.

The intelligent and information level of the CNC steel straightening and cutting machine is also upgrading. The human-computer interaction is realized through the touch screen. The processing tasks can be manually input or sent out by the control center through the information connection. The equipment can be started by one key and processed automatically. The completion of the task can also be uploaded to the control center. The use of these equipment makes steel processing more convenient and fast.

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