Do You Know How to Choose the Right CNC Tools for You?

Influencing factors of CNC tool selection

In the selection of tool type and specification, the main consideration of the following factors:

  • Production nature

Here the production nature refers to the batch size of parts, mainly from the processing cost to consider the impact of tool selection.

For example, it may be economical to use a special tool for mass production, while it is more appropriate to choose a standard tool for single or small production.

  • Type of machine tool

The influence of the CNC machine tool used to complete the process on the type of tool chosen (drill, turning tool, or milling cutter). High productivity tools, such as high-speed cutting tools and high feed tools, are allowed on the condition that the rigidity of the workpiece system and tool system is good.

  • CNC machining scheme

Different CNC machining schemes can use different types of cutting tools. For example, the processing of holes can be drilled and reaming drill, also can be drilled and boring knife to process.

  • The size and shape of the workpiece

The size and shape of the workpiece also affect the choice of tool type and specification, such as the use of a special tool for special surface processing.

  • Machining surface roughness

Machining surface roughness affects the structure shape and cutting amount of the tool, such as rough milling of blank processing, can use coarse tooth milling cutter, fine milling is best to use fine-tooth milling cutter.

  • Machining accuracy

Machining accuracy affects the type and structure shape of the finishing tool, such as the final processing of the hole according to the accuracy of the hole can be drilled, reamer drill, reamer, or boring tool to process.

  • Workpiece material

The workpiece material will determine the choice of tool material and cutting part geometric parameters, tool material and workpiece machining accuracy, material hardness, and so on.

Numerical control tool performance requirements

Because the CNC machine tool has the characteristics of high processing precision, high processing efficiency, concentrated processing process, and less clamping times of parts, the higher requirements for the use of CNC cutting tools. From the tool performance, the CNC tool should be higher than the tool used by ordinary machine tools.

When choosing CNC cutting tools, the first priority should be given to the selection of standard cutting tools, when necessary, can choose a variety of high-efficiency composite cutting tools and special cutting tools. The selection of standard CNC tools should be combined with the actual situation, as far as possible to choose a variety of advanced tools, such as indexable tools, integral carbide tools, ceramic tools, etc.

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