Original Sumitomo cutting tools for lathe machine CNMGDNMGSNMGVNMGWNMGTNMG

Original Sumitomo cutting tools for lathe machine CNMGDNMGSNMGVNMGWNMGTNMG Details

Features of Sumitomo cutting tools :

1.Original Sumitomo brand from Japan.
2.Sumitomo cutting tools are suitable for machining steel,stainless steel,cast iron.
3.Sumitomo cutting tools have a wide range of products for cutting,milling and threading.
4.Stability and security of Sumitomo cutting tools are in productive turning.
5.ISO & ANSI application area.
6.We have a large stock of Sumitomo cutting tools in our storehouse and welcome your order.

Specifications of Sumitomo cutting tools :

Brand NameSumitomo
Place of OriginJapan
MaterialTungsten carbide
PackagingStandard carton box
Applicationinternal external turning tools
Grade for referenceAC810P AC820P AC830P AC630M AC610MAC6030M AC630M AC405K AC415KAC420K AC820P T1500Z T3000Z AC530U

AC520U AC6040M AC530U AC510U AC510U

AC520U AC503U ACZ150 T1000A T1500A

T1500Z T3000Z T1000A BNC2010 BNC2020

BNC300 BNC100 BNC160 BNC200 BN1000

BN2000 BNX20 BN350 BNX10 BNX25

BN7500 BN7000 BNS800 BN7000 BN500

BNC500 DA1000 DA2000 DA150 DA150

AC510U AC520U EH510 EH520

Advantages of Sumitomo cutting tools :

1.Sumitomo cutting tools are of good wear resistance,high bending strength,strong bonding resistance, excellent heat resistance,impact toughness and high hardness.
2.Sumitomo cutting tools have long service life and easy to assembly, no crack or chipping
3.Specification and accuracy of Sumitomo cutting tools are fully compliance with ISO standard.

Packaging & Shipping of Sumitomo cutting tools :

• Standard carton box protects Sumitomo cutting tools perfectly
• TNT, DHL, Fedex, EMS, UPS Delivery
• About 2 weeks after we received your payment

Our services of Sumitomo cutting tools :

1. We will try our best to reply our customers’ requests within 24 hours.
2. We will maintain effective and efficient communications with our customers.
3. We provide first-class quality control and after-sale services.
4. The products are all 100% original, and we are willing to give you our best prices.
5. We will try our best to guarantee the prompt delivery

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Original Sumitomo cutting tools for lathe machine CNMGDNMGSNMGVNMGWNMGTNMG - All Inserts Brands

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