Korloy Tungsten Carbide Turning Inserts TNMG160404-HA-PC9030

Korloy Tungsten Carbide Turning Inserts TNMG160404-HA-PC9030 Details

Product Description:

1.For steel/ stainless steel/cast iron processing
2.Excellent wear resistance and breakage resistance
3.Professional inspection and high precision
4.High precison, easy replacement, general use

Product NameKorloy Tungsten Carbide turning inserts TNMG160404-HA-PC9030
Materialsteel/stainless steel
Standard ISO 
Suitable for Turning tool holder 
UsedCNC Lathe  machinery


1. How to place an order?
1.Fill your Order List in our online Inquiry System. 2.Directly contact our salesperson by E-mail / Skype / Whats App
We will make a feedback to you ASAP after receive your order list.

2. What is your payment terms?
T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba assurance for different circumstances.

3. What’s your delivery way?
Express delivery, DHL, TNT, FEDEX , EMS, air shipping, sea shipping are available for your request.

4. How about the delivery time?
Usually delivery time is 2~3 days after receiving the advance payment. For the customized product, 7-10 days after receiving the advance payment.

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Korloy Inserts are a testament to innovation in the field of cutting tool technology, providing manufacturers with the precision and durability needed for demanding machining environments. Designed with advanced materials, including fine-grain carbides and ceramics, Korloy Inserts ensure exceptional performance in turning, milling, and drilling applications. Our products feature state-of-the-art coatings that enhance tool life and reduce wear, making them ideal for processing a wide range of materials from standard steels to difficult-to-machine alloys and composites. By choosing Korloy Inserts, you are ensuring smooth operations with fewer interruptions, significantly boosting your productivity and efficiency.

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