Korloy CCGT inserts cnc aluminum inserts CCGT09T308-AK H01

Korloy CCGT inserts cnc aluminum inserts CCGT09T308-AK H01 Details


High hardness, good wear resistance.
H01 is uncoated cemented carbide, this blade is suitable for processing aluminum, copper pieces.
Blade and arbor complexes to use.


Model: CCGT09T308-AK H01
Material: H01
Processed materials: copper and aluminum
Groove: AK
Quantity: 1 box (10pcs)

Package included:
10x CCGT09T308-AK H01 cnc aluminum inserts


1). KORLOY Korea Original brand;
2). Stable machining due to strong toughness and high toughness which reduces chip fracture;
3). excellent wear resistance due to the special PVD / CVD coating film;
4). The high-hardness substrate guarantees a long service life in high-speed milling;
5). tough carbide, smooth coating to improve tool life;

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