Do You Know the Structure of Heavy Duty Spiral Cutterhead?

Nowadays, woodworking spiral cutter heads have become a trend to replace ordinary flat planer cutter heads. In the market, there are three different styles of cutter heads, namely light-cut spiral cutter head, bevel-cut spiral cutter head, and heavy-cut spiral cutter head. I have already introduced you to a lot of knowledge about light-cut spiral cutter heads, so today I will focus on our heavy duty spiral cutterhead.

Structure of heavy-cutting spiral cutter head

The picture shows the finished picture of the heavy-cutting spiral cutter head, including 9 parts including shaft head, journal, collar, cutter head, reversible knives, spiral groove, chip flute, wedge, nut and double-headed screws.

Compared with the light-cutting spiral cutter head, the heavy-cutting spiral cutter head uses wedges and screws to lock the interchangeable reversible knives together, so that the knives clamping is more stable, and the tool can carry a thicker cutting amount.

Number of wings: 4 wings, 6 wings, 8 wings, 9 wings, 12 wings

Material of Heavy-duty spiral cutter head

Cutter body: Use high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy tool steel, with the efficiency of high speed, more edge, but cutting depth, feed speed, 360 degrees of dot cutting, cutting force, save electricity by 50%, and will last longer than straight knife cutters.

Insert cutting knives material: Adopted cemented carbide reversible knives, the specification is 30×12×2.0mm, durable and the assembly method without high-temperature welding ensures that the hardness of each blade is above HRA92.5. Each square reversible blade has 4 cutting edges. If you wear out an edge, you can rotate the cutting square 90° for a new edge.

Application of heavy cutting spiral cutter head

Application / Machine: Jointer, Planer.

Processing depth: processing depth from 0.1 mm to 15 mm.


  • The spiral cutter head offers a smoother cut if correctly set up.
  • Small cutting edge produce narrower chips than straight-knife cutters, so your dust collector won't get clogged.
  • Very low noise and more stable. The tiny blades are staggered and won’t hit the material at the same time.

Based on the understanding of the heavy-duty spiral cutter head, do you have any other questions? If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area or contact us to exchange views and opinions.

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