Do You Know How the Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Dies Is Produced?

Four Steps of Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies Production:

1.Tungsten carbide mould processing

The core of the hard alloy drawing die will shrink in the sintering process, and the shrinkage of different batches is also different due to the difference of composition, pressing and sintering process. Due to the different shrinkage of the die parts, the shape of “saddle” or “bell mouth” is often formed. The fluctuation of the shape size of the die is in line with the standard of the die, but far exceeds the interference requirement of the die set, resulting in serious uneven prestress bearing of the die core during the setting, and the service life of the die is greatly reduced. Therefore, the die must be grinded in the outer circle, which requires special fixture on the grinder and grinding with diamond grinding wheel.

2.Interference amount of cemented carbide mould steel set

The diameter of the inner hole of the mold sleeve should be smaller than the outer diameter of the mold core in order to obtain a certain prestress during insertion, and the difference between the two is called interference. Interference should be determined according to die core size and deviation, drawing stress and insert method. Table 1 shows the actual interference amount during mold mounting. Die set is inlaid with hot pressing method and cold pressing method two kinds, cold pressing method interference is small, the pre-compression stress is also small, used for manufacturing small specifications, soft metal drawing die.

3.Tungsten carbidemold sleeve processing

The mold sleeve is formed by turning on a lathe. The control points are as follows:

  • The inner diameter roughness of the mold sleeve must reach 0.80 i. 6m, which is conducive to close fit with the mold sleeve;
  • The inner diameter of the mold sleeve should correspond to the outer diameter of the mold blank one by one to ensure the accurate interference amount of each mold;
  • The bottom surface of the inner hole of the mold sleeve and the outer end of the mold must be parallel, and ensure that the center line of the mold hole is vertical after the sleeve is installed;
  • The ellipticity of the inner hole of the mold sleeve should be as small as possible, not more than 0.02mm. During hot loading, the outer surface of the mold cover should be illuminated, and uniform cooling should be ensured after mounting.

4.Cemented carbide mold mounting technology

The cold pressing process is to press the blank into the mold sleeve at room temperature. cold pressing method requires accurate interference and high dimensional accuracy of mold core and mold sleeve. It has the advantage of no heating equipment, saving energy and reducing cost.

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Double-head Multi-functional processing machine for tungsten carbide wire drawing dies

  • Equipment product usage

It is used for fast reaming of cemented carbide drawing and processing of inlet and outlet area, and can process sizing belt with large aperture. It is a special equipment for processing wire drawing die. The mold sleeve has strong adaptability, ranging from the mold core to the mold with 8Omm outer diameter, and has the function of repairing the eccentricity of the mold inner hole.

  • Product features
    • Large clamping range of mold outer diameter, simple and convenient operation, strong adaptability, no matter the size of mold outer diameter, basically can be processed.
    • The machining range of the mold aperture is large, and the emery needle can be used to enlarge the hole quickly to improve the processing efficiency, and the polishing effect can be improved for the mold with large aperture.
    • Multiple processing functions; Mold inlet and outlet processing, large aperture sizing belt processing, fast reaming, polishing, repair eccentricity and other functions.
    • Equipped with special vacuum cleaner, synchronous control, in time to absorb the dust, keep the equipment clean.
  • Equipment technical parameters

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