15 Tips Help For End Mill Appropriate Usage

End mill occupys a very important position in modern CNC machining centers and are mainly used for milling complex workpieces. The correct use of end mills should pay attention to the following issues.

  • When storing end mill, they should be arranged on a wooden board or placed in a plastic box to avoid impact and damage when stored with other CNC knives or tools. 
  • When using a sharp end mill for milling, if passivation is found, it should be ground immediately. The passivated end mill rubs against the workpiece to generate heat, which causes the teeth to anneal, resulting in more serious wear.
  • The loading and unloading of the end mill should be protected with a rag to prevent injury to the hand or damage to the knife-edge by falling.
  • Before starting the machine, the end mill should be fully separated from the workpiece to avoid damage to the tool due to hitting the workpiece
  • The end mill must be rotated in the forward direction, otherwise it is easy to dull or break the milling cutter.
  • The distance between the edge of the end milling cutter and the collet should be as short as possible to reduce the vibration of the milling cutter. The length of the selected tool should not be too long.
  • The fit of the end mill and the shaft must be correct, otherwise, it is easy to loosen. Do not hit the end mill installed on the shaft with a hammer or other objects.
  • The milling depth of the two-edged end mill should not exceed half of the diameter.
  • Make full use of cutting agents when milling, but do not add cutting agents to cast iron.
  • When installing the end mill, be careful not to hit the workpiece, tool, or any part of the machine. Do not directly hit the end mill. If necessary, use a wooden block to protect it and indirectly apply force to the end mill.
  • According to the material of the workpiece, select the appropriate end mill, cutting speed, and feed amount.
  • In the CNC machining center, when disassembling the milling cutter handle, it is advisable to hold it firmly with a cloth before pressing the control switch. That can prevent the tool from being injured or falling when the air pressure quickly pulls the tool handle out of the spindle hole.
  • When installing the end mill handle, you should hold it firmly, but not the edge of the milling cutter. The butting groove of the knife handle must be correctly inserted into the positioning block of the machine before pressing the air pressure control switch.
  • When the cutting data is unclear, the feed amount should be reduced for testing. Then gradually revise its processing data to achieve the best production effect. Do not rush forward to cause damage or injury to the end mill.
  • When milling, it may cause splashing of cutting chips or discharge of long cuts, causing cuts or burns. Please use protective covers, goggles, and other protective equipment and measures to avoid injury.

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