Taegutec Cutting Tools Milling Insert 3PKT100408R-M TT6080

Taegutec Cutting Tools Milling Insert 3PKT100408R-M TT6080 Details

Features of Taegutec Milling Insert

1).Original South Korea Taegutec Milling Insert brand;
2).Taegutec Milling Insert suitable for stainless steel products;
3).Milling Insert of high machining efficiency and cutting cost reduction;
4).Taegutec Milling Insert low cutting force and good chip control;
5).Suitable Milling Insert for high-speed and efficient cutting

Specifications of Taegutec Milling Insert

Famous Brand: Taegutec Milling Insert
Material :Tungsten Carbide
MOQ :10 pieces
Workpiece :Stainless Steel
Application: Milling Turning Tool
Color: Gold
Hardness :HRC40-60
Coating :CVD/PVD
Package: Original plastic box

Major carbide insert brand:

Korloy, Sumitomo, Kyocera, Iscar, SECO, Dijet, Kennametal, Tungaloy, Rineck,
Hitachi, Valenite, Walter, Taegutec, ZCCCT,OSG,LINKS,STWC,Lamina,etc.

Our Main Products:

Carbide Insert,Vernier Caliper,Tool Holder,Digital Caliper,Boring Bar
Dial Indicator,End Mills,Digital Indicator,Reamers,Comparator
Collet Chuck,Tool Adjusters,Drill Bit,Caliper Gauges,Milling Cutter
Gauge Blocks,Hand Taps,Gauges,Machine Taps,Micrometer

Our service:

Our products are of high quality and low price.
We export quality goods to over different countries.
We have high quality and first-class service.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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