Japan Dijet carbide inserts milling cutting tools BNM-200 DH103

Japan Dijet carbide inserts milling cutting tools BNM-200 DH103 Details

Primary Advantages: 

1).Competitive Prices
2).Good Performance
3).Short Delivery Time
4).Quality Controlled
5).Small Orders Acceptable 

Japan Dijet carbide inserts milling cutting tools


1).Original Japan Dijet brand;  
2).Suitable for steel & stainless steel & cast iron products & nonferrous metal;  
3).High hardness and excellent wear-resistace;  
4).Stability and security in productive turning;  
5).High toughness and low cutting force;  
6).Heat resistance and long tool life.


1).Brand: Dijet; 
2).Place of Origin: Japan; 
3).Material: Tungsten Carbide; 
4).Delivery: Short; 
5).MOQ: 10 pieces (1 box); 
6).Application: Internal & external turning for steel, stainless steel ,cast iron and any other hardmetal workpiece; 
7).Package: Original plastic box; 
8).Various types for choices. 


Cutting ToolsMeasuring Tools
Carbide InsertVernier Caliper
Tool HolderDigital Caliper
Boring BarDial Indicator
End MillsDigital Indicator
Collet ChuckTool Adjusters
Drill BitCaliper Gauges
Milling CutterGauge Blocks
Hand TapsGauges
Machine TapsMicrometer


Packaing:10 pcs/plastic box, then by carton;

Shipping method: by air or by sea. We have a long-term cooperation with DHL,Fedex and UPS logistics company,and often get special discount about the freight charge.
Delivery time:Short;
Price terms:EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF.
Payment terms: T/T, Paypal, Escrow, L/C, Western Union.

Dijet tools stock list: 


11414-Z9447 JC5015SEMT13T3AGSN-PM JC8015
APMT1135PDER-08 JC8050TNMG160404L-GNP CX75
APMT1604PDER-08 JC5118TNMG160404R-SG JC5015
BNM080 JC4015WCMX030208 JC215V
BNM-200 JC8003WCMX080412 JC215V
CNMG120408-PG JC215VWDMW050316ZTR JC8015
DCET11T301R-MF JC5015WDMW05316ZTR JC8015
DNMG150404-PG JC325VWDMW06T320ZTR JC5040
EDNW10T3TN-10 CY250WDMW06T320ZTR JC8015
EOMT060210ZER JC5118WDMW080520ZTR JC5040
EPMT100312ZER JC5118WDMW080520ZTR JC8015
EPMT100312ZER JC8050WDMW10X620ZTR JC5040
EPMW100312ZTR JC5118WDMW10X620ZTR JC8015
RCKT1204MOE-PG JC5040WNMG080404-UR JC110V
RDGT1004MOT JC8015WOMT04T215ZER JC8015
RDMT1204MO JC5118WOMT04T215ZER JC8050
RDMW1204MOT JC5040XDMW080620ZTR JC5040
RDMW1204MOT JC8003XDMW080620ZTR JC8015
RDMX12T3MOT JC5040ZCMT100308R JC5015
RNM-120-R10 JC8003ZOMT060204ZER JC5118
RPMW0802MO JC5118ZPMT160408R JC5015
RPMW1003MO JC5118ZPMT160420R JC5040
SEHT1204AFTN JC5030 

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Japan Dijet carbide inserts milling cutting tools BNM-200 DH103 - All Inserts Brands

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