Korea original Taegutec carbide inserts WNMG080412 MT TT8020

Korea original Taegutec carbide inserts WNMG080412 MT TT8020 Details

Features of 100% Original Taegutec Carbide Inserts

1. Excellent surface finish due to the exceptional stability
2. High product consistency
3. Insert geometries and grades for all materials
4. A large standard product range of tools and thread profile inserts
5. Tailor made inserts available
6. Reduced machine and downtime

Advantages of Taegutec Carbide Inserts

1. Sharp cutting edges, big stock removal, high efficiency.
2. Stability in cutting with little shock and high precision.
3. A wide range of applications for cutting various metals and non-metal materials
4. A long lifetime and low wear.

Taegutec CNC carbide inserts

3PKT150508R-M TT6080SPKN1203EDR-HPN TT8020
3PKT150508R-M TT7080SPKN1203EDTR-EM TT7080
3PKT150508R-M TT7800SPKN1504EDTREM TT8020
3PKT150508R-M TT8080SPMG050204-DG TT8020
3PKT150508R-M TT9080SPMG050204-DG TT9030
3PKT150508R-ML TT9080SPMG050204-DK TT6030
3PKT190608R-M TT6080SPMG060204-DG
3PKT190608R-M TT7080SPMG060204-DG TT9030
3PKT190608R-M TT9080SPMG060204-DK TT6030
3PKT190616R-M TT9080SPMG07T308 DG TT8020
6NGU060404R-M TT6080SPMG07T308 DG TT9030
6NGU060408R-M TT6080SPMG07T308-DK TT6030
6NGU060408R-M TT9080SPMG090404-EM TT8020
6NGU090508R-M TT9080SPMG090408 DG TT8020
6NGU090516R-M TT9080SPMG090408 DG TT9030
8IRM A60 TT9030SPMG090408-DG TT8020
ANHX110604R-M TT6080SPMG090408-DG TT9030
ANHX110608R-M TT9080SPMG090408-DK TT6030
ANHX110608R-SML TT8080SPMG090408-EM TT9080
ANHX160704R-AL K10SPMG110408-DG TT8020
ANHX160704R-M TT6080SPMG110408-DG TT9030
ANHX160708 R-M TT9030SPMG110408-DK TT6030
ANHX160708R-M TT6080SPMG110408-EM TT9030
ANHX160708R-M TT7080SPMG140512 DG TT9030
ANHX160708R-M TT9030SPMR120308 TT8125
ANHX160708R-M TT9080SPMT060304RBE TT9080
ANHX160708R-MR TT8080SPMT09T308 LC230F
ANHX160716R-M TT6080SPMT110408-EM TT7080
ANHX160724R-M TT6080SPMT110408-EM TT8020
ANHX160724R-M TT6800SPMT110408-EM TT9030
APCT1204PER-AL K10SPMT120408RBE TT8020
APKT09T308R-EM TT6080SPMT120408-RBE TT9080
APKT09T308R-EM TT7080TBGT060102L-FF CT3000
APKT09T308R-EM TT8020TCD-080-P TT9080
APKT09T308R-EM TT8080TCD-120-P TT9080
APKT09T308R-EM TT9030TCD-122-P TT9080
APKT09T308R-EM TT9080TCD-123-P TT9080
APKT09T316R-EM TT6080TCD-125-P TT9080
APKT09T3PER-EM TT6080TCD-126-P TT9080
APKT09T3PER-EM TT7080TCD-127-P TT9080
APKT09T3PER-EM TT9030TCD-130-P TT9080


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Korea original Taegutec carbide inserts WNMG080412 MT TT8020 - All Inserts Brands

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