Mitsubishi CNC Cutting Insert for Milling Tools SOMT12T308PEER-JM VP15TF

Mitsubishi CNC Cutting Insert for Milling Tools SOMT12T308PEER-JM VP15TF Details


1).Original famous Mitsubishi brand;
2).Mitsubishi cutting tools have high toughness and Long tool life;
3).Ideal surface finish while stable cutting;
4).Stability and security in productive turning;
5).High toughness and low cutting force;
6).Advanced productivity to cut manufacturing cost.


1).Famous Brand: Mitsubishi;
2).Place of Origin: Japan;
3).Material: Tungsten Carbide;
4).Delivery: Short;
5).MOQ: 10 pieces (1 box);
6).Application: Internal & external turning for steel, stainless steel ,cast iron and any other hardmetal workpiece;
7).Package: Original plastic box;
8).Various types for choices.

Main Products:

CNC Cutting Tools:

Carbide Insert;
Tool Holder;
Boring Bar;
End Mills;
Collect Chuck;
Drill Bit;
Milling Cutter;

Measuring Instrument:

Vernier Caliper;
Digital Caliper;
Dial Indicator

Main Export Markets:

1).Eastern Europe
3).Mid East
6).Western Europe

Primary Advantages:

1).Competitive Prices
2).Good Performance
3).Short Delivery Time
4).Quality Controlled
5).Small Orders Acceptable

Our Company

our company

Package Shipment

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Mitsubishi CNC Cutting Insert for Milling Tools SOMT12T308PEER-JM VP15TF - All Inserts Brands

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Unlock the full potential of your machining operations with Mitsubishi Inserts, the pinnacle of cutting tool technology. Our comprehensive range of inserts is engineered for precision and durability, making them ideal for a wide array of machining environments. Whether you're turning, milling, or drilling, Mitsubishi Inserts are designed to deliver top-tier performance. Constructed from premium materials and using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, these inserts provide exceptional wear resistance and tool longevity. This ensures consistent, accurate cuts and optimal machining efficiency, reducing the need for frequent replacements and lowering operational costs.

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