Kyocera brand grooving carbide insert GMM3020-MT PR930 with high cutting speed

Kyocera brand grooving carbide insert GMM3020-MT PR930 with high cutting speed Details

Advantages for Kyocera carbide insert:

Competitive Price
Good Performance
Short Delivery Time
Quality guaranteed
Small Orders Acceptable
Economical and productive insert options are based on individual cutting conditions (roughing, semi-finishing and finishing).


1.Brand: Kyocera
2.Features: Best wear resistance grade and suitable for high speed continuous cutting
3.Package: Original plastic box.
4. Various types and grades for choices.
5. MOQ: 10 pieces (1 box)

Other features:

1.Large production and reliable after service
2.Best technical assistance
3.Three “High” (High hardness, High efficiency, High stability)
4.Professional inspection and high precision
5.High precison, easy replacement, general use

Major carbide insert brand:

Korloy, Sumitomo, Kyocera, Iscar, SECO, Dijet, Kennametal, Tungaloy, Rineck, Hitachi, Valenite, Walter, Taegutec, ZCCCT,OSG,LINKS,STWC,Lamina,etc.

Kyocera carbide insert models:

CNMG120404-WP CA5515
CNMG120404-HQ CA5515
CNMG120404-PS CA5515
CNMG120408-WP CA5515
CNMG120408-HQ CA5515
CNMG120408-PS CA5515
CNMG120412-HQ CA5515
CNMG120412-PS CA5525
CNMG120412 CA5525
DNMG150604-HQ CA5515
DNMG150604-CQ CA5515
DNMG150604-PS CA5525
DNMG150608-HQ CA5515
DNMG150608-PS CA5525
DNMG150608 CA5525
TNMG160404-HQ PV60
TNMG160404-GS PV60
TNMG160404-XP PV60
TNMG160408-HQ CA5515
TNMG160408-PS CA5515

TNMG160408 CA5525
VNMG160404-GP CA5515
VNMG160404-HQ CA5515
VNMG160404 CA5525
VNMG160408-GP CA5515
VNMG160408-HQ CA5525
VNMG160408 CA5525
SNMG120408-HQ CA5515
SNMG120408-PS CA5525
SNMG120408 CA5525
WNMG080404-HQ CA5515
WNMG080404-GS CA5525
WNMG080404 CA5525
WNMG080408-HQ CA5515
WNMG080408-XQ CA5515
WNMG080408-HQ TN60
WNMG080412-HQ CA5525
WNMG080412-PS CA5525
WNMG080412 CA5535
CCMT060204-GK CA5515

CCMT060204-HQ CA5525
CCMT09T304-GK CA5515
CCMT09T304-HQ CA5515
CCMT09T304-HQ CA5525
CCMT09T308-GK CA5515
CCMT09T308-GK CA5525
CCMT120404-GK CA5515
CCMT120404-GK CA5525
CCMT120408-GK CA5515
CCMT120408-GK CA5525
CCMT120408-GK CA5535
DCMT11T304-XP TN6020
DCMT11T308-XP CA5525
SPMR120308 CA5525
TCMT090204-HQ TN60
TCMT16T304-HQ PV7025
TCMT16T308-HQ PV7025
VBMT160404-HQ CA5515
VBMT160408-HQ CA5525

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Kyocera brand grooving carbide insert GMM3020-MT PR930 with high cutting speed - All Inserts Brands

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Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency with Kyocera Inserts, specifically designed to meet the high standards of modern manufacturing. Our comprehensive lineup of cutting tools offers exceptional performance across a variety of applications, including turning, milling, and drilling. Each Kyocera Insert is crafted from advanced ceramic and carbide materials, featuring unique geometries and superior coatings that enhance cutting capabilities and tool life. Ideal for machining metals, composites, and other materials, these inserts ensure consistent, high-quality finishes and improved productivity, helping you to keep pace with industry demands while reducing operational costs.

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