What is the advantages of thread milling cutters compared to taps?

With the development of cnc machining technology, especially the emergence of three-axis linkage numerical control processing system, a more advanced thread processing method-thread numerical control milling can be realized.

Compared with traditional thread processing methods, thread milling has great advantages in processing accuracy and processing efficiency, and it is not restricted by thread structure and thread rotation during processing. For example, a thread milling cutter can process a variety of different rotation directions. Internal and external threads. For the thread that does not allow transitional buckle or undercut structure, it is difficult to process with traditional turning methods or taps and dies, but it is very easy to achieve with CNC milling.

In addition, the durability of thread milling cutters is more than ten times or even dozens of times that of taps, and in the process of CNC milling threads, the adjustment of the thread diameter is extremely convenient, which is difficult to achieve with taps and dies. Due to the many advantages of thread milling, the milling process has been widely used in mass thread production in developed countries.

A tap is a tool for processing internal threads, with grooves along the axial direction. Also called screw tap. Taps are divided into straight flute taps, spiral flute taps and spiral point taps (tip taps) according to their shape. Straight flute taps are easy to process, with slightly lower precision and larger output. It is generally used for thread processing of ordinary lathes, drilling machines and tapping machines, and the cutting speed is relatively slow. Spiral flute taps are mostly used for drilling blind holes in CNC machining centers, with faster processing speed, high precision, better chip removal, and good centering. There is a chip pocket at the front of the threaded tap, which is used for processing the through hole.

Compared with taps, these are the advantages of thread end mill.

  • Lower cost. Although a single thread milling cutter is more expensive than a wire tap, the cost of a single thread is much lower than that of a wire tap.
  • Higher precision, thread milling cutter achieves precision by tool compensation, and the precision level required by customers can be selected.
  • The finish is good, and the finish of the teeth milled by the thread milling cutter is better than that of the wire tap.
  • The durability of thread milling cutters is more than ten times or even dozens of times that of taps, which reduces the waste of man-hours for tool changes.
  • It is not afraid of breaking. After the wire tap is broken, it may cause the risk of scrapping the workpiece. Even if the thread cutter is broken manually, it is easy to take.
  • The processing efficiency of thread milling cutter is much higher than that of wire tapping.
  • Blind hole wire taps cannot be tapped to the bottom, thread milling cutters can.
  • In addition to M and UN, a thread milling cutter can process internal and external threads of different rotation directions, but wire tapping is not acceptable.
  • For threaded holes with the same pitch and different thread sizes, several taps need to be replaced, and carbide thread end mill can be used universally.
  • The threaded hole diameter is not outdated for the first time, the thread milling cutter can be corrected by tool compensation, but the wire tapping is not possible, and the workpiece can only be scrapped.
  • In the processing of larger threaded holes, wire taps cannot be reached, and thread end mill bits can be realized instantly.

Thread milling processing technology is increasingly widely used in machinery manufacturing, which has promoted the development of the industry. The application of thread milling requires attention to the applicable workpiece shape, favorable processing plan and reliable thread cutters. Only through the comprehensive use of thread milling technology can the advantages of thread milling be fully utilized and results can be achieved. At the same time, the performance of the machine tool was fully demonstrated, and the production capacity of thread mills was promoted.

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