How to Install the Woodworking Spiral Cutterhead

The installation of the tool has a great relationship with the use effect of the tool. In addition to the installation according to the instructions of the machine supplier, if the machine is 100% accurate, the tool is also 100% accurate.Why don’t you come with me to learn how to install and precautions!

  • When the spiral cutterhead has been installed on the machine and the blade is replaced,  first the power supply of the equipment must be turned off.
  • Remove the debris, dust and other foreign matters on the knife shaft with air gun or brush.
  • Rotate the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the screw (if any screw is too tight or rusty to loosen, knock the screw first, be careful not to hit the knife, and then loosen it with the wrench).
  • Remove the crumbs and dust on the knife block with air gun or brush to ensure the knife block is clean. In order to avoid blade fracture or plane surface edge.
  • To change a cutting edge, scrub the blade clean and rotate it 90 degrees. (Note: there is a marking point on the blade surface to ensure the same azimuth and avoid the wrong change of the old and new blade surfaces.)
  • Gently press the woodworking knives, slide a few times, make the bottom of the blade and the knife seat fit, clockwise lock the screw, the blade will automatically press on the positioning table of the knife seat. (Note: In order to ensure that the screw and screw hole will not be bitten to death, rust firmly, to avoid easy to loosen the next time, when changing the blade, the screw needs to be lubricated with some oil).
  • Be carefully check whether the woodworking knives is correctly ,placed on the knife block to avoid the blade broken or edge cutting surface caused by locking the blade.
  • Check the woodworking knives before use. If it is cracked, please replace it immediately to avoid safety accidents and damage to the product. Check the screws frequently to avoid loosening them.

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