How to choose the TC cutting tools for hardwood and softwood?

We usually classify wood into softwood and hardwood. Wood made from conifers (like pine) is called softwood, and wood made from dicotyledons (like oak) is called hardwood. But most people have a misunderstanding that softwood is softer and hardwood is harder. Thus, when purchasing wood processing tools, they are simply divided into hardwood special tools and softwood special tools.

Our, as a supplier of carbide woodworking tools, is also classified in this way. However, when customers purchase, we usually know the specific information of the wood processed by customers. Because softwood is not necessarily softer, hardwood is not necessarily harder. For example, light wood is hardwood, but softer than any softwood sold, and some softwoods (berry yew) are harder than many hardwoods.

There is a strong correlation between the species of trees and the properties of the wood produced. The density of wood varies with tree species, and the strength of wood is related to its density. For example, mahogany is a medium density hardwood, which is a superior material for furniture making. Lightwood has a low density and is often used to make building models or model airplanes. Black ironwood is one of the highest density wood.

How to choose the right cutting blade for hardwood and softwood?

A customer of Our chose the softwood special cutter when purchasing the cutter. After docking with customers, we learned that the customers are processing pine. Pine is the softwood in the harder wood, so Our recommended hardwood special tools to customers. Since the price of hardwood knives is higher than that of softwood, the customer decided to use both blades. The trial results are reflected in the follow-up return order of the customer, who is now our regular purchaser of hardwood carbide reversible knives.

For every customer, we listen to the demands and make suggestions. Our, as a supplier of cemented carbide products for 20 years, has rich experience in this industry. In wood-processing, we are still keeping up with the pace of the industry, constantly optimizing products, and developing new products. On the replaceable woodworking blades, we have launched a new generation of color coated woodworking knives, with higher hardness and longer service life. For more information, click on the link to color coated woodworking knives.

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