How To Choose the Right Tool Holder for Turning?

There is no specific formula for choosing the best and most cost-effective turning tool holder system. Every turner has his own experience of choosing the tool holder for turning in practice. However, careful consideration of key elements will help increase efficiency and improve the bottom line.

What are the considerations when selecting tool holder for turning?

  • Part structure and limitations: part complexity, diameter size, vibration trend, surface finishing
  • Machining process: OD turning, ID turning, face turning, grooving and profiling, threading, rough & finishing operation
  • Stability and processing conditions: continuous, intermittent, working conditions, cutting fluid, hardness, etc.
  • Condition of the machine: available power, stability, horizontal/vertical machine, spindle type and size, number of axes/configuration, workpiece clamping
  • Workpiece material: hardness, surface quality, machining allowance of blank, pre-processing & final processing
  • Tool inventory: new type inserts, tool holders, standardized and serialized.
  • Processing economy: optimize processing, production time, tool life, cost performance, simplify combination
  • Tool holding: holding strength/rigidity, axial/radial runout, tool overhang

Turning tool holders for external machining

Turning tool holders for internal machining

In addition, you also need to choose a suitable insert. Choosing suitable tools and inserts is basic technology and skill of a professional operator for CNC lathes. How to choose the right turning toolholders, there’s an easier way, you could also ask the right supplier for CNC cutting tools. Reach Our for more CNC info.

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