How to choose graphite electrode cutting tool?

Graphite is a kind of material with stable chemical properties. This material is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali. It can be used as anti-wear agent and lubricant. It can be used in heat exchanger, cooler, electric arc furnace and other equipment. Today we will talk about: how to choose graphite electrode cutting tool selection is how? What are the machining characteristics of graphite electrode?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of end mills for machining graphite electrode: flat end mill and ball nose end mill.

According to the tool life: diamond coated tool > polycrystalline diamond tool > cubic boron nitride tool > coated carbide tool > carbide tool > ceramic tool > high speed steel tool.

What are the machining characteristics of graphite electrode?

1. Serious tool wear

In the process of graphite cutting, micro and broken chips are generated, which are scattered, accumulated and easily adhered to the front and rear tool surfaces and machined surfaces, and produce sharp friction and impact on the cutting pair at the same time with the processed graphite material, resulting in serious tool wear in the process of cutting.

2. Low cutting resistance

The crystal structure of graphite material has microcrystalline defects such as vacancy, dislocation and other atoms, which makes the actual strength of graphite material much lower than its theoretical strength. In the cutting process, the graphite material breaks the material into chips, so the cutting force is relatively small.

3. It is difficult to obtain smooth machined surface

When cutting graphite materials, the tool does not simply peel off the graphite surface, but impact, crush and peel off the structure of the material surface. Therefore, the graphite cutting produces different sizes of broken particles, rather than the plastic flow of banded chips when cutting metal materials, and the machined surface is uneven.

At present, most of the graphite electrode and composite materials processing, diamond coated tool with its superior processing life, making it the most popular tool.

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