Do you know what is the DLC coating end mill?

In recent years, with rapid development of national economic strength, the domestic machine tool has become in full swing. As a member of the CNC tools, Our is working hard to make a meager contribution to the CNC machining industry.

All we know finding a useful and efficient end mill is a dream for the CNC machining masters. Our carbide recently launch a very distinctive milling cutter. It is DLC coating end mill.

Next, do you know about this milling tools? Did you use it before? Let’s go to read following parts!

First, what’s DLC coating end mills?

As you know, DLC color coated aluminum milling cutter, it is specially designed for copper and aluminum alloy machining. It is always with full cutting depth, high efficiency and long service life.

Then, why we say this end mill tool is unique?

Features of DLC coating.

Firstly, it adopt DLC color coating. As you see, diamond-like carbon (DLC) film is a kind of metastable material technology, formed by the combination of sp3 and sp2 bonds, which is widely used abroad in recent years. It combines the excellent characteristics of diamond and graphite, not only has higher hardness but also higher resistivity. Meantime, it has good optical properties and excellent tribological properties.

Processing temperature: 100-250℃
Color tone: colorful
Construction: Amorphous
Hardness: HV5000-7000
Friction coefficient: 0.1~0.15 (dry to SUJ-2)
After film: about 200~700mm
Heat resistance temperature: 500℃

Based on above information, you can see what it means to cutting tools.

  • Good self-lubricity and surface hardness significantly improve the wear resistance of milling cutters.
  • Realizing dry processing of aluminum alloy parts.

Secondly, it has a special U-shaped groove design, which makes chip evacuation smoother and achieve high-efficiency processing. Besides, we made the double cutting edges, it has more cutting depth and width.

Thirdly, the optimized edge design, so that the workpiece has a good mirror surface finish.

Last but not least, it is for slotting, groove milling with dry and wet processing.

Cutters’ Milling Conditions.

As for the standard milling condition, you can refer to the parameters below, hope it is helpful to you.

In addition, we would like to remind that it is only a reference, the specific data needs to adjust in time according to the working situation.

Okay, this is just a rough and brief introduction of DLC end mill, for more details or discussion, you are warmly welcomed to contact Melody at any time!

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