Comparison of end mill for aluminum and other type

As we all know, different coating cemented carbide end mills are needed to process materials with different hardness. For example, HRC45 end mill can process HRC45 steel.

HRC45 end millcan process ~ HRC45
Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Cast iron
HRC55 end millcan process ~ HRC55
Titanium alloy, High-temperature alloy, Hardened steel
HRC65 end millcan process ~ HRC65
Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Cast iron, Hardened steel

But why do we usually do not use HRC to express end mills for aluminum parts?

The Material Feature of End Mill

Experienced engineers know that we usually use uncoated end mills for copper and aluminum processing. Because most of the coatings used by common tools are TiAlN coating, which contains aluminum component. However, when it comes to aluminum alloy, the aluminum composition on the coating will react with the workpiece at high temperatures, resulting in coating failure and tool wear aggravation.

This is also the reason why aluminum is obviously soft, but the processing is not simple. Many aluminum processing customers have reflected that the most difficult problem in processing aluminum parts is sticking knife. Because of the low melting point of aluminum, the heat dissipation of the tool is involved. The material and size of the knife have an impact on it. The faster the heat dissipation, the faster the solidification. In theory, thicker knives are more likely to dissipate heat than thin ones.

In short, the material hardness of end mill for aluminum is not an absolute factor, we should consider the surface smoothness and chip removal smoothness. Our developed the solutions for processing aluminum tools. The new DLC coating end mills is adopted the latest DLC color coating to improve the wear resistance of the end mill, and the service life is increased by 2-3 times.

In addition to DLC coating, we have a new design on chip breaker. We launched the U-shaped chip breaker. Special U-shaped chip breaker design can reduce vibration when milling, and makes chip removal more smooth, thereby improving the processing efficiency.

The new DLC coating end mills are suitable for processing aluminum alloy (al50526061, 7075), copper electrode.

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