Tungaloy carbide milling inserts RPMT1204MO-M01 AH120 round carbide inserts

Tungaloy carbide milling inserts RPMT1204MO-M01 AH120 round carbide inserts Details


Best Price: Our prices are more competitive than other suppliers'. And the more you order, the more discount you will get.
Short Delivery: We will arrange the order for you after the payments. The strong stock will guarantee the delivery item for you.
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Technical help:Our engineers can help to design technical plan for CNC cutting machine cutting tools assembly, and offer after-sales service professionally.

Features of Tungaloy carbide milling inserts:

1).Japan Tungaloy brand;
2).Enables high precision finishing cutting;
3).New coating for carbide inserts;
4).Long life provided by new GX coating with excellent wear resistance;
5).Application: Milling for steel, stainless steel ,cast iron and any other hardmetal workpiece;
6).Conditions: Unused, Unopened, Undamaged item in its original packaging.

Specifications of Tungaloy carbide milling inserts:

Brand :Tungaloy
Place of Origin: Japan
Material :Tungsten Carbide/Hard Alloy/Ceramic
Delivery :1-15 days
MOQ :10 pieces (1 plastic box)
Package: Original plastic box
Models :Various types and grades for choices

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Company Main Agent Brands:

Walter, Mitsubishi, Sumitomo, Kyocera, Tungaloy,ZCC.CT, OSG,Hitachi, Vargus, Seco, Iscar, Kennametal, Vargus, Guehring, Carmex, Taegutec, Korloy, and YG etc.

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Tungaloy carbide milling inserts RPMT1204MO-M01 AH120 round carbide inserts - All Inserts Brands

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