SECO brand milling carbide inserts LNKT080508PPTN-M06 MK1500

1).Original SECO Brand milling carbide inserts;
2).Wear resistance and long tool life;
3).Suitable for steel & stainless steel & cast iron & nonferrous products;
4).High speed and high efficiency cutting;
5).Stability and security in productive milling;
6).High toughness and low cutting force;
7).ISO & ANSI application area.

SECO brand milling carbide inserts LNKT080508PPTN-M06 MK1500 Details

Specifications Details:


LNKT080508PPTN-M06 MK1500

Brand Name


Place of Origin




Processing Material



original plastic box




milling work on metal material

Delivery time





Bank transfer TT/ Paypal /ALIBABA  


Packaing:10 pcs/plastic box, then by carton;
Shipping method: by air or by sea. We have a long-term cooperation with DHL,Fedex and UPS logistics company,and often get special discount about the freight charge.
Delivery time:Short;
Price terms:EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF.
Payment terms: T/T, Paypal, Escrow, L/C, Western Union.

Our engineers can help to design technical plan for CNC cutting machine cutting tools assembly, and offer after-sales service professionally. 

Main Export Markets:

1).Eastern Europe
3).Mid East
6).Western Europe

Primary Advantages:

1).Competitive Prices
2).Good Performance
3).Short Delivery Time
4).Quality Controlled
5).Small Orders Acceptable

Main famous brands:

Korloy, Sumitomo,Tungaloy,Mitsubishi, Kyocera, Iscar, SECO, SANDVIK, WALTER, Dijet, Kennametal, GUHRING, YG, YAMAWA, Hitachi, Valenite, Walter, Taegutec, ZCC.CT, OSG, LINKS, Lamina,Vargus, etc.  

SECO carbide inserts

DNMG150604-M3 TP2500WNMG060404-MF5 TP2500
DNMG150604-MF1 CP500WNMG080404-MF2 TP2500
DNMG150608-MF2 TH1000WNMG080408-M6 TP1501
LCEX110500-0095R-FG CP500WNMG080408-MF4 CP500
LCF160408-0400-MT TGP25WNMG080408-MF4 TM2000
LCMF130302-0300-FT CP500WNMG080408-MF4 TM4000
LCMF130402-0400-FT CP500WNMG080408-MR7 TP2500
LCMF160302-0300-FT CP500WNMG080412-MF4 TM2000
LCMF160304-0300-FT CP500XNEX080608TR-M13 F40M
LCMF160304-0300-MC TGP25XNEX080608TR-M13 MK1500
LCMF160304-0300-MT CP500XNEX080608TR-M13 MK2000
LCMF160402-0400FT CP500XNEX080608TR-M13 MK2050
LCMF160404-0400FT CP500XNEX080608TR-M13 MP1500
LCMF160404-0400-MC TGP25XNEX080608TR-M13 MP2500
LCMF160404-0400-MT TGK1500XNEX080608TR-M13 T350M
LCMF160408-0400-MT TGK1500XNEX080608TR-MD15 MK1500
LCMF1604MO-0400-MP CP500XNEX080608TR-MD15 MK2050
LCMF160504-0500-FT CP500XNEX080608TR-MD15 MP2500
LCMF160508-0500-MT TGK1500XNEX080608TR-ME09 MK1500
LCMF160608-0600-FT CP500XNEX080608TR-ME09 MK2000
LCMF1606M0-0600-MP CP500XNEX080608TR-ME09 MK3000
LCMF190202-0200-FT CP500XNEX080612TR-ME09 MK2050
LCMR160302-0300-MC CP600XOEX120402R-M07 F40M
LCMR160604-0600-MC CP600XOEX120404FR-E06 H15
LCMR160608-0600-FT CP500XOEX120408FR-E06 H15
LCMR1606MO-0600-MP CP500XOEX120408R-M07 F40M
LCMR300808-0800-FT CP500XOEX180604FR-E10 H25
LNKT050408PPTN4-M06 F40MXOMX060202R-M05 F30M

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our company

Package Shipment

package shipment

SECO brand milling carbide inserts LNKT080508PPTN-M06 MK1500 - All Inserts Brands

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Unleash the power of precision machining with Seco Inserts, engineered for excellence in performance and reliability. Our extensive range covers a diverse array of applications, including turning, milling, drilling, and threading. Crafted with the finest materials and coated with advanced coatings, Seco Inserts deliver exceptional wear resistance, extended tool life, and superior chip control. Whether you're machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron, or exotic alloys, Seco Inserts ensure optimal cutting efficiency and surface finish quality, empowering you to achieve remarkable productivity gains and cost savings.

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