Key Points of End Mill Processing

There are many key points in milling cutter processing, what are the points worthy of our attention, let's look together!

Machine rigidity

  • Using high-rigidity equipment for processing as much as possible.
  • When the rigidity is insufficient, adjust the depth of cut and cutting parameters.

Deflection of fixture and end mill

  • Please use high-rigidity and high-precision milling cutter holders.
  • When loading the tool, try to control the deflection of the tool to the minimum.

Work clamp

  • The workpiece fixture must be firmly fixed.
  • When the clamping state cannot be improved, adjust the cutting parameters such as the depth of cutting.

Treatment of cutting fluid and chips

  • The amount of cutting fluid used must be sufficient.
  • For heavy cutting, it is recommended to use water-soluble cutting fluid.
  • Please note that some products are dedicated for dry cutting.
  • For dry cutting, use air blowing cooling.
  • Avoid cutting chips hindering the supply of cutting fluid or cutting.

Choice of end mill types

  • Please choose a suitable milling cutter according to different processing workpieces and processing shapes.

Cutting parameters

  • Adjust the cutting parameters according to the rigidity of the equipment and the clamping state of the workpiece.

End mill extension

  • In the case of no interference, please minimize the extension of the tool.
  • When the tool extension is too long, please adjust the cutting parameters such as depth of cutting and feed speed.

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